Julieta Secondi

I was born in Necochea, a city in the province of Buenos Aires. Growing up in Necochea deeply influenced my art. It is a town on the water, with beautiful beaches and lush forests. Necochea gave me a vast natural world to explore, a world that has become a central part of who I am.

When I think of Necochea, I think of the immense ocean, the thick forest; the elements of nature found in my home town are the elements that continue to interest me and fuel my curiosity. The beach, the fire, the smiles, the friendships, all of these images live on in me and have formed me. This natural environment that I was surrounded by as a child awakened my creativity at a very young age, initiated by the curiosity that is natural to every child.

The need to understand the workings of the world afflicted me, and I constantly probed and observed life around me. This process of investigating the shapes and forms and colors of daily life were accompanied by my creative drive.

The technique that I use is a result of my own self-teaching, which came out of a need and a search for how to express what I needed to express.

Like every artist, my work has evolved as I have evolved, but always maintaining a sense of the primordial- the search to transmit an idea through the reduction of forms. This same curiosity that I had as a girl has stayed with me and draws me to look for complexity in simplicity.

Although I feel that expressionism is the style with which I can best express myself, I love to practice other styles and have always been open to trying new techniques and taking on new challenges.

As I create a piece, I constantly think about the idea that I am hoping to express, churning it over while I’m living my life and while I’m working with the paint; the hope being that a part of me will be reflected in the final product. I work with a variety of themes, but they always have a connection to the social and natural world, which one can see if they look at my collection as a whole. The environment is my primary influencer and I reflect back nature through my work, mixed with my own perception and emotions.

I invite you to get to know me in the most sincere way.

“A work of art is complete when it is looked at by others”


LLavallol 2564
LLavallol 2564

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